Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After what has been weeks of craziness, distractions and taking one step forward and two backwards, our bathroom is finally done!!!!!

I feel like I kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a few weeks, and I am sure some of my faithful readers (I think I have a few ;) ) probably thought so too.  There has been much "busyness" in our lives lately--with three teenagers, preparing for some big parties next month and trying to get the house projects done, plus finish up the school year, prepare for a trip home to visit all the grandparents and generally keep up with life and everything else going on, I had to set some things aside for a bit. 

So, here it is, one of the projects that has been keeping us occupied for the last few weeks. 

Bathroom before

One of the main reasons we started this remodel was the bathtub had quit draining.  We ended up having to cut out pipes to clean them out, they were completely blocked.  Also the bathtub only held about 6 inches of water when you were in it--that is NOT a bath to me!  I also really disliked the 80's linoleum, vanity and medicine cabinet. 
Bathroom After
Vinyl verse over bathtub
Medicine Cabinet with vinyl sandpiper

EXTRA Deep bathtub (a full 18")

We choose a narrow European vanity that makes the room feel so much larger!  We also went with this amazing flooring that looks like wood, but is waterproof.  It has a really great feel and makes the room so warm and inviting.  I LOVE my extra deep bathtub.  We actually purchased another bathtub first, but ended up returning it when we found this one.  We had to special order the surround for it, but found a good deal through one of the local hardware stores.  The worst part of this whole project was that every time we thought we were making progress, something would go wrong and set us back.  When we installed the vanity, the shut off valves all started leaking and we had to take it completely back out, cut a hole in the wall and replace the parts-- which was pretty much the way the whole project went.  I am very grateful to finally be done!

I still would like to find a piece of artwork or shelf for the wall over the toilet and I have plans to weave a bath rug and some hand towels, but for now, they will have to wait.

I am back, and I am sorry if I have missed a comment, I tried to check them occasionally, so please forgive me.  I have some new projects and lots of recipes planned to share in the weeks ahead.


Chris said...

WOW the bathroom looks AMAZING! You guys are really get pretty good at this remodeling thing. Cannot wait to come and see it sometime. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

Silvia Sherriff said...

Your makeover is lovely. I love the new Bathroom

Hearthandshome said...

Thanks! It was a long and some times frustrating project, and we are so thankful to be done and loving it!

Hearthandshome said...

Hopefully you can come see it in person sometime soon.

Nancy said...

Love your bathroom, I would say it came out amazing!