Friday, March 11, 2011

Fast and Easy Donut Holes

These are the fastest and easiest donut holes to make!

You will need:

A can of biscuits!
 Yep, a can of buttermilk biscuits. 

Open biscuits and cut each biscuit into quarters.

Deep fry biscuits in 350 degree oil until golden brown on all sides (this only takes about a minute!).
Drain on paper towels.  Roll still warm donuts in powdered sugar or cinnamon/sugar mixture.
Serve and Enjoy!

~When my kids were little the park that we went to was near a donut shop and it was not uncommon for the moms to stop and get there kids a little treat.  At the time we had 3 small children and 1 smaller income and even the $.49 (for 3) donut holes were often not in our budget.  The canned biscuits would often go on sale for $.15 to $.20 a piece, so I would pick them up when they were on sale and keep them around for when I wanted to treat my kids and not break the bank.  The other moms thought they were getting a bargain at 12 donut holes for a $1----little did they know I was making 40 for about $.25!

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