Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Crepe Paper Roses

A couple of people have asked me how to add stems to the crepe paper roses for bouquets.  I tried adding wire after the roses were made, but it was hard to get the wires to hold on and not slip off.  I found the best way was to wrap a wire or chenille stem into the center of each rose.
Crepe Paper rose with stem

 The roses are made exactly the same way as previously shown, you just add a piece of wire into the center of the flower before you begin wrapping.
Add wire or stem to end of crepe paper (bend end for a little more hold)

Begin wrapping crepe paper around stem

Continue Wrapping

Final wrap

Now your crepe paper roses are ready for use in :

Pew bows or chair decorations

Use in vases or centerpieces

Napkin rings

candle rings or decorations

These would also be great to use in hair pieces or on garland!

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MurielK said...

I found your site through a FB friend who posted your homemade mix recipes on my FB page. I've been in Heaven, looking through all your recipes and decorating ideas...but now you made me remember a childhood Easter hat that my mom and Grandma made me for a school parade, using tissue paper and crepe paper for the roses. Lol.
I love your recipes and decorating ideas, and have bookmarked quite a few recipes to try on my husband. Thank you so much for having this site...it's great! I'll be back! :)