Friday, July 1, 2011

Five Minute Bread--shaping and baking

Five Minute Bread

Now that you have a batch of bread dough ready to go, let's shape and bake it!

Dough right out of the fridge
Take your dough out and sprinkle one corner liberally with flour.
Sprinkled with flour
Pull the corner of dough out of the container, using the flour to keep it from sticking to your hands.
Pulling dough from container
Use scissors or your hands to cut off a piece of dough about the size of a grapefruit, or size desired.
 hunk of dough
Use your hands to gently smooth the top of the dough over and tuck it underneath, forming a smooth ball of dough.  (Hard to explain, but it's kinda like tucking in a baby).
smooth dough
It is okay if the underneath of your dough is not smooth.
bottom of dough
Set your dough on a piece of parchment paper, or well floured pizza peel to rise. Let the dough rise for about 45 minutes*.
Rising on parchment paper
Then get your oven ready, place a pizza stone in the middle of your oven and a metal broiler pan (or similar) underneath.  If you don't have a pizza stone, use a cookie sheet, it won't be quite the same, but it still works. About 20 minutes before your dough is done rising preheat oven to 450 degrees.
oven ready (now I realize mine needs to be cleaned)
When your dough  is ready (it won't really rise too much) dust the top lightly with flour and slash it a couple of time to allow it to expand when you put it in the oven.
slashed and ready for oven.
Place dough (still on parchment) on preheated stone and add 1 C. hot water to pan underneath and quickly close the door.  Bake for 25 minutes until golden brown. Remove the parchment paper from under the bread for the last 10 minutes to help brown up the bottom of the crust.

Cool (um, if you can stand the yummy smell), slice and enjoy!

*If you are like me and get busy and distracted and forget to get your dough out soon enough, you can just let it rise until your oven is hot (approx. 20 minutes) and then bake it-sometimes I give it an extra couple of minutes in the oven to make up for the fact that the dough wasn't quite as warm as if I had let it set the full time.  It may not be quite a big but it still tastes good and gets the whole meal on the table at the same time.

~The longer the dough sits in the refrigerator, the more of a sourdough taste it will develop.
~There is also a Healthy Bread In 5 Min. a Day book (which I also own)--I don't care for the sourdough flavor in my wheat breads as much, so when I make the wheat versions, I tend to use them in a day or two.
~They are coming out with a Pizza Book this fall, I have already pre-ordered my copy.


DeAnna Jones said...

BEAUTIFUL.  Gosh, that's the prettiest loaf I've seen with this method!  I've tried it a few times, but didn't get anything that looked like that, lol!  I WILL try again... thanks to this post!  If I can produce a decent loaf of bread, my shopping will be MUCH easier! 

Hearthandshome said...

My first loaves weren't very pretty either.  I think the secret is to dust them lightly and then make sure you slash with a really sharp knife to get it deep enough--otherwise they seem to take on some odd shapes when baked.  Also, I will leave it in for an extra couple of minutes if the outside isn't dark enough.

m andm said...

What recipe are you using for this?  It looks wonderfully delish!

Hearthandshome said...

Sorry I missed this question earlier--you can find the recipe in the previous post:


Unknown said...

How do you make cinnamon rolls from this dough? Do you roll them out and cut then let them rise in a pan? If so for how long do you suggest? I have my first batch of dough in my fridge now and im so excited to bake my first loaf, thank you for your site, i love it!!! I already made a batch of brownie mix and cornbread mix too, busy moms like me need all the help i can get!!! Thanks again :)

Suzanne said...

This looks amazing!

Wilddreams5 said...

I made your 5 minute bread yesterday but it didnt rise as well as yours. (It might be because I lost one of my press on nails, I know, ewww, and had to go in and look for it in the dough) it wasnt there but it had started to rise when I did it. I still left it out and it rose about halfway up the container. I took it out this morning and rolled it out to make cinnamon biscuits. It was wonderful. I have another batch that I hope will fair better. thank you for posting

Stephanie said...

I made the dough last night and baked it this morning. It tastes pretty salty. Is it possible to make it with less salt or does the saltiness lessen as it sits?

Free4kar said...

how long can I keep it in the fridge? your loaf turned out great... thanks

Carol said...

Has anyone tried baking this in a loaf pan? 

Hilary said...

How many loaves do you make from one batch of dough?

Crystalmo2009 said...

Didnt work for me at all :( everything else on your site has worked & I've loved. Not this bread :(

Blarkin777 said...

I have the book and there is directions for loaf pan too. The pan needs to be one of those nonstick metal ones though not glass or aluminum. Everything is pretty much the same, except dont  preheat the pan, and I think bake time is another 5-10 minutes ( just moved so my cookbooks are still in box)

PNG mama said...

I tired making this last night. I have seen it on several sites. Mine was a mess. I made it, let it sit for 2 hours but when I went to make the first loaf it was like trying to turn pudding into dough. How much flour did you use? It seemed like I added more than a cup and it was still super runny. Help! 

victoria said...

Dough is in my fridge right now....waiting to bake tonite!

LP said...

I love this! What do you recommend for people who LOVE sourdough flavor in wheat breads? Would you share a wheat bread recipe similar to this one?

tjhalliman said...

It is suppose to be 6 1/2 cups of flour.

Camille said...

What do you do with the rest of the dough in the container?

Sherry Pierce Smith said...

Love this bread dough! Can you tell me where you got that container you keep the dough in? I love that too!

smae said...

Can this recipe be done with spelt flour?

Sarah said...

Looks awesome, doing this tomorrow :) how long do you keep dough in fridge?

Sarah said...

Turned out so good! Thanks for the recipe. I brushed the outside with an egg wash to brown it and also I didn't have parchment paper, so I put it right on the heated stone. Mmm mmm...

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Nancy Cannistra said...

This is amazing! The bread turned out so delicious my husband was thrilled and all without the normal fuss of baking bread. Thank you for the recipe. I ordered the book and can't wait to try some of the other breads.

chen said...

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